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diversity in procurement

Why You Should Bring Diversity Into Procurement, Where It Belongs

21-Apr-2017 | Susan Galer | B2B commerce

Integrating diversity solutions into procurement and supply chain strategy brings stronger results. Here's how.

omnichannel, B2B, customer service, digital transformation, digital business

Omnichannel Commerce A Must For Digital Business

28-Mar-2017 | Savita Raina | B2B commerce

B2B buyers expect the same seamless purchasing experience they get from personal shopping, so businesses are investing more in digital platforms.

5 Ways To Make The Most Of B2B User Data

22-Mar-2017 | Jeff Herrera | B2B commerce

A wealth of end-user information is just waiting for the savvy B2B to see its potential. Here are 5 strategies to leverage consumer data from your website.

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