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Digitalist Flash Briefing: Smart Factories, Smart Cars, And Smart Drivers

29-Nov-2017 | Bonnie D. Graham | autonomous cars

Everyone is talking about self-driving smart cars that are always connected. But where do they come from? Smart factories enabled by the automotive industry.

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Automotive Steered A New Way: The Rise Of Subscription Services

12-Oct-2017 | Branwell Moffat | autonomous cars

A big shift in the attitude to car ownership is rounding the turn. If you can hail a car to take you anywhere at will, why do you need to own one?

IoT, connected cars, automotive, auto tech

The Connected Car: An Evolving Intelligent Experience For Drivers

2-Aug-2017 | Steven Kim | autonomous cars

The massive amount of data from the millions of sensors in connected cars can deliver a new kind of intelligent, automated experience for consumers.

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