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Am I Alone In Thinking AI-Run Governments Could Be A Good Thing?

13-Sep-2017 | Glenn Sawyer | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

Artificial intelligence opens a new world of possibilities in efficient, logical, and honest governance.

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Swimming In The Immersive Digital Experience

12-Sep-2017 | Kai Goerlich | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

Here's how digital experiences are creating new opportunities for forward-thinking businesses to deliver information to customers and employees alike.

Amazon, Whole Foods, supply chain, retail, IoT, sensors, grocery stores

The “Amazon Effect” On The Supply Chain

8-Sep-2017 | Richard Howells | Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Premium

The Amazon–Whole Foods merger will put new pressure on all retailers for omnichannel logistics required to support omnichannel sales models.

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