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Agri-Innovation: How One Singapore Hotel Grows Its Own

9-Mar-2018 | James Veale | Agriculture

One Singapore hotel is doing its part to support sustainability by growing produce and flowers in a rooftop garden.

blockchain, agriculture, APC, APAC, distributed ledger

A Chip Off The Old Blockchain

7-Mar-2018 | James Veale | Agriculture

The value of blockchain to the agriculture sector is its ability to make the supply chain entirely transparent and rich with immutable provenance data from farm to table.

agriculture, agri business, IoT, big data, sensors, sustainability, farming, AI, artificial intelligence

A Real-World Example Of The Power Of AI In Agriculture

6-Mar-2018 | James Veale | Agriculture

From sustainable fishing to tracking individual cattle, artificial intelligence is producing rich data that allows employees and managers to make the best business decisions to maximize agricultural efficiency.

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