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How Will Digitization Effectively Transform Agriculture?

7-Dec-2017 | Cedrik Kern | agri-business

Digitization is helping to connect agricultural concerns around the world. But what will the future of farming look like?

Even Chicken Farmers Are Going Digital

29-Jul-2016 | John Ward | agri-business

Chicken farmers in Ontario, Canada are embracing digital technology in order to meet the demands of the region’s diverse consumers.

Dr. Carsten Linz, business development officer, SAP Cloud Powered by Hana, SAP SE congratulates Building Radar’s managing director Paul Indinger after winning the Best App prize at the Space App Camp, Barcelona.

Real-Time Real Estate: Building Radar App Beats Space App Camp Competition

22-Feb-2016 | Emily Porro | agri-business

Competition winner’s satellite-supported search algorithm gives construction companies real-time intelligence on commercial real estate.

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