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The Value Of Digital Transformation In The Chemicals Industry

23-Feb-2018 | Dr. Thorsten Wenzel | advanced analytics

The future of the chemicals industry is no longer the one-shot, blockbuster product model. It’s in the creation of an ecosystem focused on improving the customer’s experience.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo

The Power Of Digital In The Utilities Industry

23-Feb-2018 | Henry Bailey | advanced analytics

The utility industry is being reshaped and even threatened by the forces of decentralization, deregulation, and decarbonization. It is also an industry that is poised to gain from current and emerging digital technologies.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Higher Education, Leonardo

Marketing Is Now A Major Focus Of University Plans

22-Feb-2018 | Malcolm Woodfield | advanced analytics

Higher-education institutions have doubled down on their marketing efforts to remain competitive. The most forward-thinking schools understand that effective marketing is a necessity and a key market differentiator.

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