How Mobile Is Enabling SMEs: A Success Story

Lindsey LaManna

On Thursday, November 29, 2012 SAP hosted the SME Summit in New York City.

At the event, top influencers, including SAP Co-CEO Bill McDermott, Senior Vice President of Global Indirect Channels Kevin Gilroy, US Small Business Administration’s Regional Administrator Jorge Silva-Puras and many others, explored the Power of Small and how small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) utilize key technologies to drive innovation.

They discussed the SME business, the challenges that they face and how different solutions areas in technology can improve their business processes by increasing efficiency and effectiveness, as well as promote growth.

One of the technologies that can drastically impact SMEs is mobility.  The mobile session of the conference was led by Jerry Lacasia, SAP VP of Ecosystem & Channel and featured Robert Moeyens, Global Applications Manager for Taminco, and Yoeri Coessens, SAP development manager for Delaware Consulting (an SAP partner).

Taminco is a fast growing chemical company founded in 2002 with 2012 revenue of 800 million euros, up 600 million euros since 2003.  The SME recently invested in mobility to enable its sales team through one of Delaware Consulting’s mobile sales applications.  Taminco is already witnessing the benefits of mobility for SMES, including:

  1. Reduction of the TCO in sales processes
  2. Higher accuracy of information
  3. Increased availability of information
  4. A more attractive way of working
  5. Sales…anywhere, anytime

Moeyens explained that with its mobile implementation, the sales process has become much leaner and quicker.  Salespeople no longer have to ask their sales assistants for information, they can go on their tablets and find the information that they need instantly and anywhere.

To learn more about how Taminco has become a success story for SMEs employing mobile technology, watch the video below.

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