The Best Marketing Conferences In 2014

best marketing conferences 2014Which marketing conferences are you attending this year?

I think it’s really important to get out of the office once or twice a year and learn from other marketers. You can get a sense for the hottest trends, new ideas, a fresh perspective and of course you can make great connections with your peers that can pay dividends in so many ways.

One of my most popular posts this past year was The 20 Best Marketing Conferences of 2013. I crowd-sourced that list from my social media connections. I attended a few. Spoke at a few. But most of all, heard from dozens of people that the list was a great resource to help them plan their year.

So this year, I am giving you even more control over which should be labeled best marketing conferences in 2014. So I started with the most popular conferences from that 2013 post.

And then, thanks to Nick Kellet and, I added them to my first list where you can rank your favorite, add your own and get your own network to vote. So please vote, share and tell me which ones you are going to? And let’s meetup!