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The Strategic Attributes of Algorithms

12-Dec-2016 | Christopher Koch | Internet of Things

  Algorithms Have Become Critical Assets Algorithms, those pieces of code that use data to improve a business process or create insights, have become critical assets just like factories, corpor

Live Business: The Importance of the Internet of Things

9-May-2016 | Kai Goerlich

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not merely a step along the path to digital transformation; it is the driving force. By 2025, the IoT’s economic impact could reach US$11 trillion, or 11% of globa

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Primed: Prompting Customers to Buy
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affective computing 5 Steps to Your Customer’s Heart with Emotionally Aware Co
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Empathy: The Killer App for Artificial Intelligence
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Latest Research | Future of Work

Featured Video Play Icon Taking Learning Back to School
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A Boy Looking at a Toy Dinosaur with a Magnifying Glass How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Barrier to Good Decision Mak
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An AI Shares My Office
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Latest Research | Digital Economy

Why Machine Learning and Why Now?
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Heroes in the Race to Save Antibiotics
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Data Lakes: Deep Insights
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Latest Research | Digital Supply Networks

emotionally aware computing How Emotionally Aware Computing Can Bring Happiness to Your
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Rewiring Hope
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Live Business: Creating Digital Supply Networks
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