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A Boy Looking at a Toy Dinosaur with a Magnifying Glass

How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Barrier to Good Decision Making

15-Mar-2017 | Christopher Koch | Future of Work

Humans are inherently biased Humans are hindered by their unconscious assumptions and their inability to process huge amounts of information. Avoiding bias makes good business sense Even th

An AI Shares My Office

16-Jan-2017 | Dinesh Sharma, Sam Yen, Markus Noga, Erik Marcade, Chandran Saravana, and Danielle Beurteaux

Blame House of Cards. The Netflix-produced hit was the result of an algorithm coupled with Netflix’s large collection of data on what viewers like to watch. Taking that as inspiration, ad agency McC


3 Ways Robots Will Co-Evolve with Humans

4-Jan-2017 | Christopher Koch | Future of Work


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Featured Video Play Icon The Future of Cybersecurity: Trust as Competitive Advantage
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How AI Can End Bias
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How to Weave Social Media Into the Fabric of the Business
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emotionally aware computing How Emotionally Aware Computing Can Bring Happiness to Your
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Rewiring Hope
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Live Business: Creating Digital Supply Networks
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Latest Research | Internet of Things

The Strategic Attributes of Algorithms
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Live Business: The Importance of the Internet of Things
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