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emotionally aware computing

How Emotionally Aware Computing Can Bring Happiness to Your Organization

22-Mar-2017 | Christopher Koch | Digital Supply Networks

Do you feel me? Just as once-novel voice recognition technology is now a ubiquitous part of human–machine relationships, so too could mood recognition technology (aka “affective computing”) s

Rewiring Hope

6-Sep-2016 | By Rakesh Shetty, Dante Ricci, and Nancy Langmeyer

During the famine in northern Ethiopia in the 1980s, governments and humanitarian agencies from around the world poured food into the region at great expense. Despite their efforts, which were hampere

Live Business: Creating Digital Supply Networks

26-Apr-2016 | Kai Goerlich

Introduction Not only will this demand lead to overexploitation of the world’s natural resources, but it will also result in high and volatile commodity pricing. The need for resources will ris

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Featured Video Play Icon Taking Learning Back to School
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A Boy Looking at a Toy Dinosaur with a Magnifying Glass How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Barrier to Good Decision Mak
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An AI Shares My Office
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Unleash the Killer API
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The Strategic Attributes of Algorithms
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Live Business: The Importance of the Internet of Things
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