5 Tips To Find & Work With Your Social Influencers [Infographic]

Gerry Moran

Social influencers can help small businesses, big brands and people reach an audience they cannot typically reach with their own marketing and messaging. So, why wouldn’t a marketer want to find and set up some level of a relationship with influencers to help them reach their business goals?

At SAP, we focus on two sets of social influencers – bloggers and tweeters. By connecting with each type of influencer on their terms, we can amplify our story and connect with those people new to our brand. This strategy is nothing new or spectacular. However, like a recipe, one might have the ingredients, but it’s the way that the dish is cooked that makes it taste great! So goes executing an influencer program – knowing how to mix the ingredients of seeking, finding and engaging with social influencers to strike a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is important for your company to find a social influencer set and use them to help extend your message. It’s inexpensive, authentic and powerful way to grow your business’ footprint.

5 Tips To Find and Work With Your Social Influencers

Here is an easy to implement social influencer plan infographic. You can start working on your influencer program today!

Infographic - 5 Tips To Find & Work With Social Influencers

Do you have an influencer success story or a few tips to connect with influencers? I’d like to add your tips to this infographic. If so, please share below! Or, please contact me directly on or via Twitter @GerryMoran.

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I hope I had some influence on you today to get you to start influencing your influencers! Good luck and please let me know if I can help!