Top 10 Business Innovation Content Marketing Articles in 2012

Lindsey LaManna

content marketingMarketers couldn’t stop talking about content marketing in 2012.  Twitter and the blogosphere were buzzing with marketers sharing their latest content marketing success stories and tips, pronouncing content marketing the new advertising.

With the power shifted into the hands of the consumer, smart brands have altered their marketing focus from a push to a pull mentality, moving from helping the sales force sell to helping buyers buy.  Companies are recognizing the need to act like publishers by sharing valuable, helpful content that consumers want and are searching for early on in their buyer journey.

For me 2012 was the year that I became passionate about content marketing. I read tons of articles on the topic, blogged about it and, oh yeah, it’s my job at SAP.  I strongly believe that content marketing should be part of every company’s 2013 marketing plan.

To help your marketing organization get started, here are the top 10 most read content marketing articles on Business Innovation in 2012:

1.  Proof Of The Power Of Content Marketing

Companies that recognize the need to adopt content marketing as part of their marketing strategy are seeing tremendous results – SAP is one of them.  Learn about SAP’s successful content strategy, use of data visualization and how content marketing is generating results that they could of never imagined.

2.  31 Easy Ideas To Create Content Your Customers Want

Creating relevant, quality content isn’t that difficult, according to Michael Brenner.  All you have to do is answer buyers’ key questions, optimize content with top ranked search keywords and provide value so people will want to share it.  Michael makes it even easier by sharing 31 content ideas to get you started.

3.  What Is A Content Strategy And Why Do You Need It?

In the marketing world, content marketing and content strategy are hot buzzwords.  Find out what the difference is between them, why you need a content strategy and how to be successful with content marketing.

4.  The 30 Best Content Curation Resources for Marketers and Business Pros

With the vast amount of information online, in print and other forms of media, it is easy to go into information overload.  But it is important that marketers stay on top of the latest trends in business and marketing.  Michael Brenner helps narrow down all the available resources by sharing his list of the top sites for business and marketing information.

5.  Content Strategy Ain’t Just For Large Companies

Every company should have a content strategy and you don’t need to be a big company with a big marketing budget to do it.  Content marketing is not as hard as small company marketers may fear.  Here’s how to get started.

6.  Is Content Marketing The New Advertising?

According to Michael Brenner, content marketing is the new advertising.  He even goes so far as to say “content marketing will become all marketing if it hasn’t already.” Check out the reasoning behind (what some may see as crazy) statements.

7.  Content Marketing Seen As Important But Brands Slow To Act [Survey]

According to a content marketing survey by Econsultancy and Outbrain, 9 of every 10 (90%) marketers claim that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months.  However, only 38% of brands have defined a content marketing strategy. Find out why.

8.  2013 Marketing Predictions: Content Marketing & Social Business

Last year Michael Brenner published his 2012 marketing predictions and it turns out, looking back, he was pretty accurate.  Here is what he thinks is in store for marketing in 2013.

9.  Is Your Content Boring? Here’s 6 Steps To Great Content

If you surveyed customers or tracked the engagement on your content, you may be shocked to find that your content is boring your audience to death.  That’s definitely a hard pill to swallow.  But have no fear, here are 6 steps to help you create great content that will educate, entertain and even amaze your target audience.

10.  5 Steps to Achieve Content Marketing Success [Slides]

Content marketing has the potential to produce more and better quality leads at a lower cost.  So, marketing leaders with a clue are looking at content marketing as a new way to attract customers.  Here are 5 steps that lead to content marketing success.

Do you have any great 2012 content marketing articles that you can share?   Let me know by commenting below or on Twitter @LindseyLaManna.

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