Can We Solve The Growing Talent Shortage?

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Talent Shortage Heats Up

As the demand for skilled talent ramps up, employers are thinking more broadly about sources of talent. Not only are they expanding and strengthening their internal talent pools, they are increasing their engagement with outside parties to address the talent shortage.

In fact, more than four in ten companies are now increasing their use of temporary and contingent workers, and contingent workforce suppliers.

Many companies are partnering with educational institutions and governments to help develop workers with the capabilities they need. These types of external, long-term talent strategies are more common in emerging markets, including Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Others are looking to more effectively leverage the workers they already have, including increasing mobility programs and recruiting more non-traditional workers (such as retirees) for part-time or shorter-term contracts.

Here are two research snapshots that show just when, where and why these new talent supply strategies are being used:

Can We Solve the Talent Shortage?

Can We Solve the Talent Shortage?


This Talent Project Blog post is by Cindy Ladensack, Manager, Marketing Information,  Kelly Services.