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Smart Hospital, cloud computing services, machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, AI, big data, patient management, patient care, future of healthcare, healthcare, analytics

Making The Smart Hospital A Reality

22-Nov-2017 | Thiam Hwa Lim

The new healthcare model embraces new technologies to deliver seamless, person-centric, outcomes-based care at a relatively lost cost.

Here Come The Jetsons: Flying Cars And The Internet Of Things

22-Nov-2017 | Tom Raftery

Thanks to connectivity and IoT technology, autonomous vehicles and flying cars may soon be a reality. Here's how some leading researchers are paving the way.

Internet of Things, Healthcare Innovation, Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Patient Data Analytics, connected healthcare, patient data, patient management,

Transform Healthcare With Future-Facing Technologies

21-Nov-2017 | Andy David

Never before have there been so many promising breakthrough healthcare technologies available – and so many ways to capitalize on them.

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