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Explore The Future Of Retail

19-Apr-2018 | Joerg Koesters

Existing digital technologies allow retailers to build brand awareness, provide just-in-time services, and offer personalized interaction, says retail business expert in a recent S.M.A.C. Talk Technology podcast.

How IoT, Machine Learning, And Digital Twins Will Transform Real Estate

17-Apr-2018 | Konstanze Werle

IoT applications, machine learning, and building management system (BMS) integration, are enabling dramatic advancements in building efficiency and creating new revenue generation opportunities for commercial real estate companies. Digital twins take this one step further.

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Increase Equipment Profitability With Predictive Services

17-Apr-2018 | Ulf Guttmann

The Internet of Things and predictive maintenance solutions enable industrial machinery companies to satisfy customers with enhanced services, better equipment uptime, and faster delivery of components.

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