What Would MC Hammer Do?

A few weeks ago, I attended Silicon Valley’s annual Startup Grind and found myself along side a couple hundred others listening intently to MC Hammer for his entrepreneurial advice. Yes, you heard me correctly.innovation at a startup

We all listened to how this famous entertainer’s entrepreneurial background stemmed from a much earlier age. He opened up and described how he had sold baseballs right outside the Oakland A’s stadium as a young kid, and shared a story about his stint selling fruit and ice cream from a stand in Las ­Vegas.

Moving forward into his career as an artist, he discussed how he marketed himself and how his experience as an entrepreneur made him very successful. He spoke at length about being an early adopter of new and innovative tools to promote and market his music. There was a discussion of looking forward and embracing new innovations wholeheartedly while ignoring naysayers. He spoke about getting on board YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest because he saw the potential that these innovations brought to his businesses.

For the entrepreneurs and small business owners that filled the room, the message from MC Hammer was clear: Do not be afraid to become an early adopter when it comes to new innovations. Don’t get left behind.

Looking around me, I realized how fortunate the small-business owners around me really are. Today, small and midsized-companies are able to innovate and utilize technology to compete globally. With their small size comes agility, giving them the power to adapt far more quickly than their larger competitors.

That being said, a classic barrier to entry has always been the inability of a small to midsize company to afford the technology usually reserved for the large enterprises. As MC Hammer would sing, “You can’t touch this.”  Fortunately, this barrier is coming down and companies with small budgets are now able to afford big solutions. Big solutions that can scale as a company grows. I can only image how many of the my fellow entrepreneurs who attended Start-up Grind would benefit from these big solutions.

There are opportunities available now to move beyond these barriers, adopt the latest technology and and level the competitive playing field. If you would like to learn how you can afford big solutions for the small to mid-size company, please visit here.