Top Ten Business Innovation Posts Of The Week [August 18, 2014]

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6 Reasons Why The Jets Will Win The Super Bowl
By Jim Fields@fieldsjj

The football season has just begun and we’re already onto the big game. One fan took to blogging to convince us why the Jets will win the Super Bowl.

Top 10 Reasons Drones Are Disruptive
By Peter Diamandis, @PeterDiamandis 

Drones are about to become disruptive, for a number of reasons. What industries are using them today and what are the future applications that can be applied? Peter looks at this and the challenges for drones.

The Two Dumbest Words You Can Say
By Ted Coine@tedcoine

It’s dangerous to make a promise if you’re not 100% sure you can follow through and typically broken promises start with these two words Ted advises you to avoid. Though they may surprise you, you’ll understand why.

The Road To Work Today And In 2025 [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Dr. Jörg Richter@york_rigter

In efforts to save on gas, maintenance, and money for a car some people are opting to ride with colleagues, friends and neighbors to get to work. One application is helping connect those willing to ride together.

I Think Big, Therefore I Am
By April Crichlow@aprilcrichlow

There is one thing on the mind of many small to medium sized business owners – growth. Growth doesn’t come easy though, it requires from the start a careful approach that will allow you to stay flexible, but also be prepared to compete against the big guys when you finally get there.

5 Reasons Why More Data Doesn’t Guarantee Better Decisions
By Kaan Turnali@KaanTurnali

We have been hearing a lot about how data makes decisions, but what if we have it all wrong? Kaan argues that even with all this data we are still making bad business decisions. Why and what’s the bottom line?

What Leaders Can Learn From Robin Williams
By Ken Perlman@ksp123456

When we lose someone significant in our lives like an idol, it forces us to take a moment to pause and reflect on all we have learned from them, and still have yet to learn from their legacy.

Bridging The Future Of Technology And Education
By Taylor King

Technology is forcing learners everywhere to reevaluate the way the consume the content which teaches them. Taylor looks at technology’s impact and influence on education.

Is Yoga Our Best Performance Management Tool?
By Malcom Faulkner, @MFaulkner20_

Happy, healthy and relaxed people tend to make better decisions, and are overall better influences for your corporate environment. Yoga is one way to help bring out the best in people and Malcolm gives us the first 4 of 9 reasons why.

Fashion Retailers! Will You Lead the Future?
By Andrea France@franceandrea

The consumers are king and all retailers should know that by now. Their increasing demands are causing a monumental shift in the way new styles and trends come out. Retailers must learn how to keep up and meet the growing demands if they want to stay in business.