Top Ten Business Innovation Posts of the Week [January 28, 2013]

Lindsey Nelson

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5 Ways Big Data Will Change Lives In 2013 

Big Data – By Siddharth Taparia, @siddharth31

Although the term has been around for a few years, 2013 may be a year when Big Data moves from the technical to the practical, as real consumers and citizens start seeing its impact. Here are 5 ways it will change lives.

Why Europe Doesn’t Trust The Cloud 

Cloud – By Sebastian Nikoloff

A recent survey showed that investments in European cloud infrastructure will fail to even reach 12% in the next five years all over a lack of trust. But what are the main reasons they don’t trust it?

How To Fight Pirates (With Big Data) 

Big Data By Nicholas Carlson and Dylan Love, @nichcarlson

Piracy is a serious problem on the world seas. Instead of sending Captain Norrington after them, government agencies and law enforcement are harnessing big data to prevent piracy before it even happens.

Big Data’s Impact On Sales And Marketing 

Big Data – By Luisa Ruppert, @LuRuppert

We learned how it’s fighting piracy, but what role is it playing in your Sales and Marketing departments? Get a quick overview of what Big Data is, its impact, and how to cope with it in this blog.

3 Things To Consider Before You Buy Predictive Analytics

Analytics – By Lindsey Nelson, @LindseyNNelson

Predictive analytics is changing the way businesses make decisions. While the technology isn’t new, some still don’t know what to do before they buy the software. Here are three things you must do and consider before you make the purchase.

Making a BYOD Business Case

Mobile – By Lindsey Nelson

It’s where business meets personal – giving you the ability to work anywhere, anytime, with your own device. When trying to bring BYOD to your business, keep in mind these four things while building your business case.

20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

Sales & Marketing – By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

One B2B marketer weighs in on which are the best B2B marketing blogs you need to read for the best tips, tricks and overall content.

6 Steps To Practice Your Social Selling Skills 

Sales & Marketing – By InsideView

There is no one size fits all fix for social selling. You must build your own methods on how you will use social to engage with your prospects. Here are 6 steps to get you there.

How Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses Everywhere 

Cloud – By Lindsey Nelson

Cloud computing is a catalyst for faster development, delivery of information, and pretty soon it will become a standard rather than a breakthrough technology. Here are a few ways it’s disrupting the way business is done – no matter where it’s done.

Hype & High Expectations For Cloud Computing, Part 1

Cloud – By Chris Mark

Cloud computing is a much hyped but often misunderstood technology that is gaining traction in different industries around the world. Hear from SAP’s Vice President David Spencer and Wharton Innovation Group’s managing director Don Huesman on what recent survey results around the hype and excitement of cloud computing in this three part interview story.


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