Top Ten Business Innovation Posts of the Week [January 21, 2013]

Lindsey Nelson

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2013 Technology Trends

Industries – By Tien Anh Nguyen, @tienanh

Tien reflects on his 2012 predictions, as well as what may be in store for 2013. Do you agree with these? Read more to find out.

The Soft Benefit of Big Data Analytics: Thinking Differently

Analytics – By Joseph Dennis Kelly, @JosDenKelly

Big Data is helping decision makers gain by giving them direct insight into the patterns that shape tomorrow’s trends, and access to real-time data. What are the soft benefits and how do you make the shift to this decision making culture? Joseph shows you how.

Mobile Is Maturing — Are You? [Infographic]

Mobile – By Mutual Mobile, @MutualMobile

Mobile has finally moved out of its adolescence. It’s become more sophisticated — and so should your marketing approach. Here’s an infographic that will help you discover the who, what, where of how you should handle this new mobile environment.

Duct Tape And IT Management

Industries – By Norman Marks, @normanmarks

Is the relationship between your business and IT hanging on by duct tape? Norman gives us a few real life situations to consider and a few questions you need to ask your organization that will help strengthen the relationship.

Baking And Computers, A Surprising History Of Analytics Pioneers

Analytics – By Timo Elliott, @timoelliott

You’d never think put “bakers” and “pioneers of analytics” together in the same sentence, but they were in fact the first businesspeople to use the first business application ever. Learn more.

Why Content Marketing Should Be In Your 2013 Plan

Sales & Marketing – By Lindsey LaManna, @LindseyLaManna

As a consumer, it doesn’t surprise you to hear that you are passionate in the buying process. Searching for and using all the information you can to make an informed purchase. So what happens when you invest in content marketing? Hear from Lindsey on the value you’ll see, as well as some lessons learned.

The In-Memory Database Revolution

Big Data – By Carl Olofson, @databaseguru

There’s a revolution at hand in the database world. Gone are the dominant paradigms, here to stay is very fast, multi-core processors. Carl Olofson, Research VP at IDC weighs in on the current state and implications of the new technology.

Building Content Marketing Strategy – 10 Steps

Sales & Marketing – By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

As we heard from Lindsey LaManna earlier in this post, content marketing is the key to reaching your consumers. Michael shares with us his expertise on how to build a strong content marketing strategy.

Analytics For All: The Promise of Big Data

Analytics – By Irfan Khan

Analytics isn’t a new technology, in fact it’s been around for decades. So why the all of a sudden huge growth? Irfan cites big data as the catalyst. Learn more here.

The Enterprise Mobility Minute #3: Got an Enterprise Mobility Strategy? Go Get a New One

Mobile – By Dr. Ahmed El Adl, @aeladl

As we enter 2013, it’s time to consider the major trends that are now shaping mobile opportunity – and causing us to completely rethink our approach to mobility strategy. Make sure your aspects meet those that Dr. Adl identifies here.


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