Top Ten Business Innovation Posts of the Week [January 14, 2013]

Lindsey Nelson

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The Global Phenomenon: BYOD

Mobile – By Lindsey Nelson, @LindseyNNelson

It’s gone global! Did you know 89% of IT departments worldwide support bring your own device (BYOD) practices? This is just one of the findings from Cisco’s recent survey of mobile device usage. Check out the other interesting findings!

How The CDC Is Using Big Data To Save You From The Flu

Big Data – By Julie Bort, @Julie188

There’s Google Mail, Google AdWords, now Google Flu Trends? The CDC and Google teamed up with big data to help people fight the flu just by showing them where it is. Pretty cool!

Big Data For Marketing: I Want My Real-Time Dashboard

Sales & Marketing – By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

Marketers worked with massive data sets even before big data was cool (we’re trendsetters, what can we say?). Here one marketer’s plea for a real-time dashboard and if you’re with him, he’s identified three ways to get your own.

Planning for Mobile Business in 2013 – New Year’s Mobility Resolutions [Infographic]

Mobile – By Carolyn Fitton, @carolynfitton

Look around you, I bet everyone has a smartphone or tablet in their hand. So it’s not hard to make a prediction that mobile will continue to grow. If you want to create a strong mobile strategy, here’s a few tips and with an accompanying infographic on how to do so.

5 Ways To Achieve A Profitable Customer Experience

Sales & Marketing – By Lindsey Nelson

It’s not specific to any industry or market, a great customer experience means profit, it means brand loyalty, and it means overall success for your company. How do you do it? Here are 5 tips to get you started.

2013 Forecast On Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud – By Folia Grace, @FoliaGrace

Don’t expect it to float away in 2013, here are four areas forecasted to cloud up the horizons.

3 Qualities Of A Great Sales Manager

Sales & Marketing – By Mukesh Gupta, @rmukeshgupta

Sales is fast paced and high pressure. So if you’re a sales manager how do you maintain stress and still be a good boss? Mukesh gives us three tips.

See What The Retail Stores Of The Future Will Look Like

Industries – By Ashley Lutz, @AshleyLutz

In the age of mobile technology, shoppers are changing more than ever, and retailers are rushing to catch up with their customers’ ever-evolving demands. Check out this post with pictures on what our shopping ambiance of the future will look like.

Mobile Is Maturing – Don’t Get Left Behind With a Bad Mobile Strategy

Mobile – By Stephen Brown

Just like your corporate strategy, your mobile strategy should continue to evolve in order to meet the demands of the fast-paced market. It’s bigger than a project, it requires a combined effort across teams. How do you develop one? Here are a few tips.

The Obstacles In Big Data

Big Data – By Lindsey Nelson

It’s a powerful resource and when it’s used right can make some pretty great predictions and forecasts. But make sure you’re aware of these obstacles before you start.


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