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Digital Energy Network: Helping The Utility Industry Reach New Heights In A Digital World

14-Mar-2018 | James McClelland

The utility industry is not immune to disruption. The digital energy network helps utility and power markets remain competitive and address future needs.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo

How Can Monitoring Connected Assets On The Grid Improve Uptime?

9-Mar-2018 | James McClelland

Digitalization, especially the Internet of Things, enables utilities to monitor assets for impeding failure and take appropriate steps to avoid outages and strategically target maintenance spending.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, Utilties, IoT, SAP Leonardo, Blockchain

Energy Savior Blockchain Set To Shake Up Utilities

8-Mar-2018 | James McClelland

The combination of microgrid energy production and blockchain distribution can increase supplies and decrease consumer prices. But their partnership poses global disruption for longtime utility providers.

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