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In A Cyber Attack, Dead ATMs Would Be The Least Of It

4-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt | Utilities

The electrical grid is vulnerable to cyber attacks, and it may be impossible to know where attacks come from, which makes them difficult to deter.


AESO Saves $6M By Making HR A Strategic Business Imperative

25-Nov-2015 | Susan Galer | Utilities

AESO's adoption of an integrated, cloud-based HR system has improved efficiency and increased leadership hires from within to 90 percent.

utility system

4 Steps To Protecting Your Utility Management System From Hackers

3-Sep-2015 | Shelly Kramer | Utilities

A prevent and protect mindset when it comes to keeping your utility management system safe makes sense. Big Data and focusing on HR lets you do that.

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