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As Machine Learning Remakes Industries, Leaders Must Transform Enterprise IT

21-May-2018 | Jim McHugh

From cars that autonomously navigate dark and icy roads, to MRI scanners trained to spot brain abnormalities, to warehouses managed by sensors, drones, and robots, machine learning is already transforming industries in profound ways. What's lagging is the IT architecture to support all the data it generates.

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Four Key Ways The Travel World Will See Growth In The Future

3-May-2018 | Konstanze Werle

Travel brands that embrace digital platforms can use that data to improve the customer experience. These are also the brands that will rise to the top fastest, says travel industry expert in recent podcast.

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Automotive Supply Chain Leaders: Winning In Supply Chain During A Time Of Industry Disruption

2-May-2018 | William Newman

From continual learning to greater speeds and agility, today’s supply chain leader can create and shape how the automotive company can compete and win in the industry.

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