Russian Railways Transformation Journey

Nancy Martin

RZD Achieves 2x Faster Planning Cycle, 60% Fewer Errors 

In addition to tourism, much of the Russian economy relies on an efficient train system – over the past 3 years, approximately 2.4% of the Russian GDP is attributed to Russian Railways (RZD).

About 85% of all travel is done by rail for several reasons:

  • the distance between cities is vast
  • the rail system is affordable, comfortable, reliable, and fast
  • there is spectacular scenery to enjoy which would be missed if traveling by air

Created as a state-owned enterprise in 2003, Russian Railways employs close to a billion people. It is one of the largest transportation companies in the world – its freight operations manage 1.2 billion tons of freight annually across 11 times zones.

Owning over 85,000 kilometers of track, RZD is the second largest railway network in the world and the fourth largest in terms of passenger tickets sold. Its mission is to remain competitive, financially stable, and operate responsibly while meeting transport service demand.

Realizing its budgeting and consolidation processes were affecting performance, RZD updated its financial management technology.  Previously slow, error-prone, and insufficient processes are now streamlined and efficient. RZD leverages a single calculation methodology, integration of all planning types and systems, and standardization of financial systems.

It reports a 2x faster planning cycle, 30% higher employee productivity, and 60% fewer errors with automation of routine processes. According to Natalia Us, Project Manager, “Thanks to the software, we run our once-slow processes faster, with greater ease and flexibility.”

These gains mean that RZD can focus even more on exceeding customer expectations. No matter whether customers are shipping freight or traveling, they can rely on RZD to make the experience a pleasure.

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