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Lots Of Talk Ahead To Develop International Standards For Financial And Fintech

17-Mar-2017 | Tom Groenfeldt | Telecommunications

There's lots of talking about developing global standards for financial technology firms and banks. Right now it's pretty vague, but more is promised.

Internet Of Things: Gold At The End Of The Rainbow For Telcos?

24-Feb-2017 | Stephan Gatien

Market saturation, disruptive new entrants, and other threats are putting pressure on the telco industry. Will it find gold at the end of the IoT rainbow?

connected cars

Can Automakers Monetize And Remain Competitive In The Era Of Uber?

22-Feb-2017 | Pat Bakey

For the automotive industry, competitive advantage comes in the form of out-of-the-box thinking about predictive analytics, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

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