Sochi Goes Mobile And Fun Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Jen Cohen Crompton

Get ready for the Olympics! The Opening Ceremony is about to be televised in the United States and the ceremony will symbolize the start of competition between nations and the world’s greatest athletes. For spectators, this year the games could be just a little different as we turn to more than our TV screens and use our smartphones to access event information.

Deemed the first mobile Olympics, the Olympic mobile strategy is creating a huge mobile presence at the games this year. Aligned with the strategy are mobile apps. The apps include those that spectators can use to get the full experience at home, and apps for thSkier skiing on snowy slopeose who are using a smartphone to navigate through Olympic village.

Here are a few apps that will help everyone enjoy the game using their second screens:

1. The Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) – Samsung’s WOW app gives fans the most direct access to the Sochi games.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Personalized Olympic Winter Games Updates. This feature allows users to receive live game-time updates ranging from medal counts to monumental moments. It also has a cheering service that allows fans to send supportive massages to their favorite athletes and countries.
  • Share Celebrations with Social Networks. This feature allows user to upload text and images instantly, which can be shared with other WOW app users and with their social networks. This user sharing capability creates a global community around users’  shared interests. More importantly, the feature supports seven languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
  • Learn about Olympic Sports. For those who are new to the Olympics, this app will school them with access to information about all 15 winter sports at Sochi 2014. This visual sports guide provides tutorials on each sport, including rules, equipment details, and many other points of interest, which will bring people closer to the excitement of the Olympic Winter Games.

All Android users can download this app and begin customizing the app to fit their Olympic Winter Game needs.

2. The Sochi 2014 Guide – Available for both Android and Apple devices, the Sochi 2014 Guide app is a complete mobile guide to the Olympics and paralympic Winter Games. This app will keep users up to date on everything going on during the games.

This app features:

  • Accurate schedule of competitions and other events
  • The Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay
  • Access to purchase tickets
  • Guide for planning trips
  • Interactive map for navigating Sochi
  • The ability to share experiences with friends

3. Sochi 2014 Results – Anyone who says they don’t care about the medal count might as well say they do not care about the Olympics. The Sochi 2014 Results app is the official Sochi 2014 results applications and available for Android and Apple users.

The app:

  • Provides full details of the events
  • Shows medal counts to follow medal races
  • Provides access to competition schedule
  • Sends alerts on the latest news of favorite athletes

Anyone wanting the mobile experience can download the apps now – why not follow it from the beginning??

…and if you’re looking for a few facts to get you in the Olympic spirit, here are a few fun things that you might not have known about the 22nd Olympic Winter Games.


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