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Retail’s New Mantra: “Innovate, Think Bigger, And Play Well With Others”

19-Jul-2017 | Stephen Henly

Leveraging new technologies, partnerships, and business constructs requires a new framework and mindset: Innovate, think bigger, and play well with others.

artificial intelligence replacing data analytics

Are AI And Machine Learning Killing Analytics As We Know It?

19-Jul-2017 | Joerg Koesters

On the contrary, AI and machine learning are poised to give analytics a new and even more impactful role in driving the future of retail.

Robots And AI In Retail: 8 Things You Must Know

14-Jul-2017 | Mark de Bruijn

The emergence of AI and robots in retail is good news for consumers. If you're a retailer, here are 8 trends you should pay attention to.

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