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Couple using tablet PC in new apartment --- Image by © Hiya Images/Corbis

Digital Connectivity: Reimagining Retail Business Models With Retail-As-A-Service

26-Apr-2016 | Tom Redd | Retail

Retailers are using digital connectivity to move away from a product-oriented world and toward an outcome-oriented one, based more on experiences than products.

Couple Carrying Shopping Bags --- Image by © PT Images/Corbis

Data Lets Retailers Deliver Personalized Experiences To The "Segment Of One"

26-Apr-2016 | Kristin Howell

Rich data modeling enables retailers to personalize the shopping experience and offer their customers a "segment of one" experience.


3 Ways Retailers Can Win Over Millennials

20-Apr-2016 | Alexandra Pavlova

Winning in retail means stepping out of the store and delivering on that experience from bricks to clicks and everything in between.

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