Social Media Audit: Make It Easy For Your Customers To Like You On Facebook

Gerry Moran

I was shopping at Gap on Sunday looking for that great pair of jeans to spruce up my fall wardrobe. I love the Gap and their clothes. Their store layout is so easy to use, from the merchandising with the new hooks for the pants to the helpful staff. However, their social media connection could work a little harder at making it easy for me to follow their store.

Here is my take on their point-of-purchase display to follow Gap at a PA store and how you can learn to make your social media calls-to-action work a little harder in your store, whether you are a big box retailer or a small business trying to fend off the retail Goliaths!

What I Like About This Social Media Call-out

There are a few things that make this a great effort to get me to follow The Gap:

  • Easy Access To Social. Since more than 50 of Americans have smartphones QR codes are a great way to engage a retail or service business while the customer is standing in line.  leads me right to their Facebook page where I can instantly Like them! Making social media easy to access is perfect!
  • Clear Identification Of The Offer. Great call out of “to be the first to know about our new merchandise, events and promotions”! If you are going to ask someone to do something for you, then you need to tell them what’s in it for them!

How This POP Display Could Work Harder And What You Can Learn For Your Business

  • Put Your Brand Logo On Your Display. Displaying your logo will make you call out a little more personal vs. the standard-issue vanilla looking manifestation that you see.
  • Next Offer. Even though the offer to sign up for Facebook was clear, it was generic. Give your customers some “meat” and tell them what the next deal they can be alerted to
  • What About Twitter? With social media you need to connect with the customer on his or her terms, which means their social media channel of choice. This social call to action could have worked harder if it included a QR code to link to Twitter, which I love for sale and promotion updates in the small business retail space.
  • What About Pinterest? Pinterest has overtaken Facebook for ecommerce, so it makes sense on that fact alone to connect your retail customers to Pinterest. Fashion and clothes stores like The Gap need to own their Pinterest space! With a QR code, a small business can link customers to Pinterest Page, specific boards, or directly to pictures of products you’ve already pinned. This connection means you will be able to build your following and give customers the opportunity to link directly to products they’ve found, love, and want to share with their friends … who will visit your store!
  • Another Way To Like You On Facebook. If you can see the mouse-type there is a long and too-hard-to-read Facebook URL, especially for my eyes! Find a way to make it easy for those without QR code capability to find you on Facebook. Always include the Facebook URL, but … make it easy to read!

The retail business is a hard-working business sector. Make sure your in-store social media call-outs work as hard as they can and you will be the sharpest looking one it town! I hope that you try these ideas on for size for your business!

I’d love to know what you think about these suggestions or other good or not so good examples of social media calls-to-action.