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How Co-Bots Are Disrupting SME Manufacturing And Driving Productivity

7-Mar-2018 | Patrick Lamm

Collaborative robots have more “human” capabilities, like dexterity, memory, sensing, and trainability, enabling them to do more jobs, including testing and inspecting products, picking and packaging products, and assembling electronics.

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The Digital Twin Of Me

28-Feb-2018 | Richard Howells

Take advantage of digital twin technology by identifying its purpose, outlining what business or personal problems you’re trying to solve, and deciding what information you need.

Four Ways To Discover Intelligent Insights In The Intelligent Enterprise

7-Feb-2018 | Priyanka Khaitan

To harness the enterprise value of data, we must challenge conventional wisdom and rethink the data paradigm in terms of search, discover, explore, and augment.

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