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The Realities Of Innovation In Manufacturing

23-May-2018 | Kevin Jinks

Seek out technology that lets you take advantage of AI, cloud, security and deep, predictive analytics. You’ll surround great code with advanced tech to get you light years ahead of the competition.

machine learning, digital transformation, GPUs, IT architecture

As Machine Learning Remakes Industries, Leaders Must Transform Enterprise IT

21-May-2018 | Jim McHugh

From cars that autonomously navigate dark and icy roads, to MRI scanners trained to spot brain abnormalities, to warehouses managed by sensors, drones, and robots, machine learning is already transforming industries in profound ways. What's lagging is the IT architecture to support all the data it generates.

A Three-Step Model To Digital Transformation: An IoT And Field Service Story

16-May-2018 | Lisa James

As demands for energy increase and natural resources deplete, digitization creates opportunities. Here's how one hydraulics company leveraged digital technology to boost efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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