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The Case For Adding Location Intelligence To IoT

18-Nov-2015 | Joe Francica | Manufacturing

As the sensor web grows, analyzing location-based data will be part of an expanding component of business analytics and location intelligence.

Ecologist using digital tablet surveying surface coal mine site, elevated view --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

Quick IoT Win: CIO At Wesizwe Platinum Mining Digitization

15-Oct-2015 | Jennifer Scholze | Manufacturing

Wesizwe Platinum CIO discusses how digitization can help mining companies meet today's market challenges.

Manufacturing In The Digital Economy: 3 Opportunities That Could Reinvent The Entire Industry

31-Aug-2015 | Marc Hibschenberger | Manufacturing

If the manufacturing industry focusing only on digital trends they know and understand, rather than looking ahead and seeing what’s emerging?

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