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Companies Get Fit To Fight Global Obesity

10-Feb-2016 | John Ward | Life Sciences

With more than 1.9 billion adults now overweight, world governments and the private sector are seeking effective ways to confront the epidemic.

Indian scientist working in laboratory with vials of liquid --- Image by © ERproductions Ltd/Blend Images/Corbis

Personalized Medicine: Game-Changer For Life Sciences

29-Jan-2016 | Susan Rafizadeh | Life Sciences

Personalized medicine will make its mark on almost every life sciences business process, making the notion of “business as usual” a thing of the past.

Pharmacist counting pills --- Image by © Drew Myers/Corbis

Dealing With Complexities In Biology And Medicine: Q&A With Prof. Sandra Mitchell

11-Nov-2015 | Kai Goerlich | Life Sciences

Professor Sandra Mitchell explains how digitization may help us solve medical mysteries by clarifying complexities in biological systems.

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