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Leaders At Agile, Top-Performing Insurers See Uncertainty As Potential Opportunity

18-Nov-2015 | Michael Lyman | Insurance

In times of uncertainty, successful leaders don't get bogged down by short-term crises. Instead they consistently maintain a vision of the future.

A couple meet with a business manager --- Image by © Nick White and Fiona Jackson-Downes/cultura/Corbis

The New Face Of Risk And Finance In Insurance

12-Nov-2015 | Nicole Kealey | Insurance

Technology has created both new challenges and new opportunities for the insurance industry. Successful companies must get ahead of the change.

Financial trader --- Image by © Oliver Eltinger/Corbis

Think Big, Not Big Data

9-Nov-2015 | David O'Malley | Insurance

Financial services organizations must see their big data as a core corporate asset and use it strategically to achieve big goals.

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