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How Is IoT Driving Growth In Equipment-as-a-Service Options?

22-Mar-2018 | Dietmar Bohn

A promising new business model is integrating IoT technology and equipment with aspects of software-as-a-service. But how will this model work in the real world, what impact will it have on the companies that use it, and what benefits will it offer a range of industries?

How Artificial Intelligence Can Increase Your Business Productivity

19-Mar-2018 | Sayan Bose

AI can reverse the cycle of low profitability through intelligent automation and innovation diffusion. To capitalize on these benefits, manufacturing companies need a partner that can simplify and streamline the AI and IoT integration process.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, IM&C, Industry 4.0, IoT, Digital Transformation, Leonardo

How Co-Bots Are Disrupting SME Manufacturing And Driving Productivity

7-Mar-2018 | Patrick Lamm

Collaborative robots have more “human” capabilities, like dexterity, memory, sensing, and trainability, enabling them to do more jobs, including testing and inspecting products, picking and packaging products, and assembling electronics.

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