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Five Easy Ways To Streamline Your Higher Ed Invoice Process

15-Mar-2018 | Caitlin Strickling

With an automated accounts payable process, your institution can eliminate manual invoice routing, approvals, and payments as well as the costly errors that go with them. Plus, you can get full visibility into your users’ AP spending so you can control it before it’s spent.

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Discovery Of Things: Discover And Connect Information For Research

15-Mar-2018 | Silke Jakobi

Through easy-to-understand visualization, researchers can grasp trends and patterns and validate information. This knowledge can be shared and understood with colleagues and partners on any device.

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How Retail Can Help Inspire A Revolution In The Student Experience

13-Mar-2018 | Navneet Johal

Institutions of higher learning should follow the customer service model of the retail industry, and evolve to a student-centric model that spans the lifecycle and enables more personalized and innovative "service" delivery.

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