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Fintech And Banking: A Lasting Relationship

23-Apr-2018 | Jennifer Horowitz

Mobile payments, machine learning, and robotic investing are among the latest win-win disruptive innovations that are reshaping transactions, lending practices, and customer experiences in the financial sector. And fintech startups are only adding fuel to the disruption by transforming how consumers manage their money.

Balancing Progress And Privacy In The Tech Industry

16-Apr-2018 | Danielle Homer

Technological advances offer exciting possibilities to improve our world, but we need to collectively address privacy, security, and other challenges of technology and understand how these could negatively affect our lives.

How Manufacturing Organizations Can Regain Control Of Their Supply Chain

13-Apr-2018 | Sudy Bharadwaj

The outsourcing of manufacturing presents challenges as unique as the industries that rely on it. Organizations need to ascertain their limitations and capabilities and those of their trading partners. A cloud-based network enables them to gain control over both.

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