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Soldier Using Field Phone --- Image by © moodboard/Corbis

Discover The Possible: Internet Of Things In Defense

16-Nov-2015 | Steve Risseeuw | Defense and Security

By connecting data from people, weapons systems, and other IoT sensors, defense agencies can break down silos and use data as a weapon.

5 Ways Live Streaming Will Change The Way We See The World

18-Sep-2015 | Ronald Curiel | Defense and Security

Live streaming technology is poised to take off and benefit businesses in countless industries, from education and law enforcement to sales.

woman uses early-warning mobile app

Early-Warning Mobile Apps Help Lebanese Avoid Danger

10-Sep-2013 | Derek Klobucher | Defense and Security

Mobile technology hasn’t prevented violence in Syria from spilling into Lebanon. But early-warning mobile apps are helping residents manage.

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