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High-Performing Companies Play As A Team

11-Feb-2016 | Jonathan Charley | Banking

Smart deployment of a common data platform will increase organizational efficiency, lower compliance costs , and help avoid fines, and damage to reputation.

Metamora, Illinois, USA --- USA, Illinois, Metamora, Close-up of man photographing checque --- Image by © Vstock LLC/Tetra Images/Corbis

How Fintechs And Banks Can Get Along – Go Modular

26-Jan-2016 | Tom Groenfeldt | Banking

Some banks may become platforms for specialized financial services providers.


To Be In Great Compliance And Business Shape, Banks Need To Get Fit At A Granular Level

20-Jan-2016 | Jonathan Charley | Banking

Surprisingly, what’s best for regulators is also best for banks. Organizations that manage data correctly emerge as more agile and competitive businesses.

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