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The Right Data At The Right Time, For The Right Kind Of Care

20-Feb-2017 | Drew Schiller

Technology solutions that produce and integrate patient-generated health data can help address many of the challenges faced by patients and physicians today.

insurance, digital transformation, big data, analytics, risk

Meteo Protect CEO Gabriel Gross: Digitalization Tackles The Last Unmanaged Insurance Risk

20-Feb-2017 | Verena Wiszinski

Until recently, weather has been an unpredictable and largely unmanageable insurance risk. With digitalization, Meteo Protect is changing that.

Ali Baba's Magic: 'Open Sesame!' And Digital Transformation

16-Feb-2017 | Sandeep Raut

Ali Baba’s “Open sesame!” may have come from a childhood fable, but digital transformation is reality – and it is changing everything.