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Beyond Earth Day: Technology's Role In Helping Businesses Do More With Less

19-Apr-2018 | Daniel Schmid

While all of us have a role to play in this, businesses, like SAP, have a unique one due to their reach and power to make a positive impact. New technologies could be the urgently needed accelerator to address climate change, transition to clean energy, and reduce negative environmental impacts – if we apply these wisely as a force for good instead of evil.

Smart Cities And The New Role Of Chemical Companies In The Digital Economy

6-Apr-2018 | Stefan Guertzgen

Chemical companies can play a major role in the digital economy and the efficiency of smart cities. Here's how.

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Plastic Waste: What The Ecological Revolution Means For Retailers

21-Mar-2018 | Tesni Fellows

The ecological revolution means retailers must address plastic waste, as the customer relationship moves beyond product value, placing ethics as a priority.

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