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How IKEA Builds Sustainable Innovation Into Its Business Model To Improve Lives

8-Jun-2018 | Judith Magyar

Every company has a purpose. For IKEA, it’s about creating a better everyday life for the many people without compromising on price, form, function, quality, or the environment.

Elephants on the Balance Sheet

4-Jun-2018 | Ann Rosenberg and James Sullivan

Purpose and profits are now indelibly linked. Purpose isn’t limited to specific industries, demographics, or product lines. Any company can integrate making a difference into business strategy and leverage technology to create new purpose-driven business models, measure efforts, and demonstrate results.

How The Democratization Of Public Data Could Help Build More Sustainable And Liveable Communities Across Australia

29-May-2018 | Natalie Kenny

Data can help break down the information asymmetries that exist between community decision-makers, for example, ensuring that different projects across the country are connected and therefore planners and policymakers can learn from prior mistakes and successes.

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