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Artificial Intelligence: From Novelty To Practical Workplace Application

24-May-2018 | Sven Denecken

Gone are the days of implementing AI just for the sake of staying relevant. It’s critical that businesses deploy AI applications that serve practical, functional purposes in the workplace to garner the best results.

How Can Machine Learning Help Eradicate Modern Slavery In Supply Chains?

24-May-2018 | Shelly Dutton

Machine learning gives procurement and supply chain organizations a strategic weapon for freeing millions of women from modern slavery. It’s a noble purpose and a strategic investment for identifying supply chain practices that meet the demands of customers, investors, and employees who want to see slavery eradicated.

small and midsize business, SMB, manufacturing, robots, automation

Robots For Growing Manufacturers: When Innovation Goes Beyond Automation

24-May-2018 | Miranda LaBate

By adding just a few robots at a time, smaller manufacturers are setting up a winning foundation for providing the individualized offerings and services customers expect.

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