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Can Technology Remove Bias From The Workplace?

19-Feb-2018 | Tom Loeffert

Innovation in artificial intelligence, Big Data, and automation is helping eliminate the unconscious bias that causes diversity programs to fail.

leadership, employee engagement, HR, recruiting

Radically Rethink Leader Selection By Letting Employees Choose Them

29-Jan-2018 | Guenter Pecht-Seibert

Given the strong association between satisfaction with leaders and employee engagement, why wouldn’t we give people more say in determining whom they will follow?

HR, expense management, sales, travel and expense, T&E

Why Employee Spend Matters For Sales Leaders

25-Jan-2018 | Tina Gunn

By automating key parts of the travel and expense spending process in one system, you’ll make the process simpler for your employees and better capture and manage what they are actually spending.

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