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How JP Morgan Chase Saves $50 Million Each Year

25-May-2018 | Susan Galer

By feeding procurement data into its centralized system, JPMorgan Chase has achieved $1 million in early payment discounts per $1 billion spent. What's more, procurement's benefits are negating its costs.

We Must Reverse These Trends To Transform America’s Future Workforce

24-May-2018 | Jenny Dearborn

Our workforce doesn't have the right skills to keep growing our economy. And the U.S. education and workforce training systems aren't doing enough about it.

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To Succeed With Automation, Focus On People

24-May-2018 | Barry Mitchell

Taking a human-centric approach to automation can help secure buy-in from key users. This allows you to make the most of the benefits of automation while also maintaining an engaged, productive workforce.

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