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Can Technology Remove Bias From The Workplace?

19-Feb-2018 | Tom Loeffert

Innovation in artificial intelligence, Big Data, and automation is helping eliminate the unconscious bias that causes diversity programs to fail.

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Insight Matter: Disrupt The Workforce With Digital Transformation (Part 1)

16-Feb-2018 | Ursula Ringham

As small businesses grow and scale, they need to bring in new talent more quickly and streamline the HR process. Learn the latest best practices and lessons learned.

diversity, HR, HR strategy, HR transformation

Regional Teams: A Key Player In Successful Global Digital HR Strategies

13-Feb-2018 | René Zigterman

While a global HR strategy provides the foundation for lower complexity and higher standardization, it must be balanced with respect for individual countries' laws, habits, society, and people. Five fundamentals of digital HR transformation apply to any business looking to expand internationally.

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