Make Culture Your Strategic Advantage For Breakout Success [VIDEO]

Ted Coine

Have you noticed the prevalence of the word “culture” in business discussions lately? This is my innovation with culturepassion – to me, culture is 98% of what actually matters in business – so I’m beginning to get concerned that it’s being over-used: that leaders are using the term without grasping its significance.

In other words, everyone is paying lip service to culture, but few have any idea what a healthy culture is, or how to build one.

So thank God for this week’s guest, Tim Kuppler, former president of Dennison Consulting, author of Build the Culture Advantage, Deliver Sustainable Performance with Clarity & Speed and founder of Culture University. Not only does Tim get it, but he’s been studying it for most of his career. He wrote a book on it, a collaborative effort with four other experts, and he’s built an insight-delivery vehicle for leaders to access the true significance of this all-important aspect of business.

Join us as we dive deeply into this incredibly important topic. As you do, keep this in mind: every single organization has culture. Every last one. Many are weak, and some are negative. Only a few orgs get it right. Those are the ones your wish you owned stock in.

Which type do you want your company to be? The latter? Watch today’s show: Tim will help you get there. Happy viewing!

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