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Finance 2025: When Blockchain Fulfills CFOs’ Paperless Vision

17-Oct-2017 | Nadine Hoffmann and Juergen Hofmann

Blockchain is shedding its Bitcoin reputation to emerge as a fundamental element of the paperless finance function.

advanced analytics, finance, CFO, strategy

Three Misconceptions About Advanced Analytics

9-Oct-2017 | Henner Schliebs

While the importance of data intelligence is felt, many CFOs and finance teams still hold common misconceptions about what advanced analytics really is.

blockchain, contracts, trust, fraud prevention, risk prevention

Smart Contracts With Blockchain: New Foundation For Binding Legal Agreements

2-Oct-2017 | Peter David

Self-validated, self-monitored, and self-enforced, blockchain-backed smart contracts can bridge the trust gap in contract creation and management.

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