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Businesswoman Using Headset Microphone --- Image by © Ken Seet/Corbis

5 Strategies Being Used To Reimagine Finance

25-Nov-2015 | Judy Cubiss | CFO Knowledge

The role of finance continues to evolve to thrive in this digital era. Here are 5 strategies for supporting this evolution of finance.

Looking For New Value From Finance In A Digital World [INFOGRAPHIC]

24-Nov-2015 | Neil Krefsky | CFO Knowledge

Digitalization is changing the business world, and the finance profession must change right along with it, say finance executives in a recent global study.

Is Your Business Ready For Big Data? [INFOGRAPHIC]

20-Nov-2015 | Viki Ghavalas | CFO Knowledge

Companies are turning to big data to extract actionable insights, become more agile, and create a competitive advantage. Are you ready?

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