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Finance Execs In Latin America Predict: Work To Keep Getting Better

4-Feb-2016 | Viki Ghavalas | CFO Knowledge

Finance professionals in Latin America are embracing their influence in their enterprises – and looking forward to a bright future as their profession evolves.

Businesswoman reviewing co-worker's report --- Image by © 237/Robert Nicholas/Ocean/Corbis

Using Predictive Analytics For Planning, Forecasting – And Decision-Making

2-Feb-2016 | Henner Schliebs | CFO Knowledge

The volume of unstructured data coming from sensors, external systems, and social media is exploding, but predictive analytics can help make sense of it.

What’s The ROI? How CFOs Can Support Social Impact Strategies

2-Feb-2016 | Viki Ghavalas | CFO Knowledge

Finance can play an active role in building a robust social impact strategy and programs that help the organization achieve its business goals.

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