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Everything You Know About Leadership Is Wrong


14-Nov-2016 | Michael Rander, Karie Willyerd, David Ludlow, Kerry Brown, and Randy B. Hecht

The tradition of top-down executive leadership won’t cut it in the digital economy. Leaders must cede power to employees who are equipped to make decisions.


Data - The Hidden Treasure Inside Your Business


14-Nov-2016 | Alex Atzberger, Pat Bakey, Timo Elliott, and Fawn Fitter

New ways have emerged for data to add value to products, become the product, or even become the business.

Robots: Job Destroyers or Human Partners?


23-Sep-2016 | Christopher Koch

As robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence become increasingly capable of taking on more complex tasks, many workers will lose their jobs.

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Latest Research | Digital Economy

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Latest Research | Digital Supply Networks

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Latest Research | Internet of Things

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